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Game Discovery – the new frontier! Shark Punch raises $1.2 million in funding from London Venture Partners and DN Capital

Game Discovery – the new frontier! Shark Punch raises $1.2 million in funding from London Venture Partners and DN Capital

24 Feb 2015

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Shark Punch announced a $1.2M seed funding round led by Supercell investor London Venture Partners (“LVP”) and DN Capital. In addition, the company is launching their new game discovery platform:


Playfield is a social discovery and community platform for games. Playfield helps players find games they care about, and allows developers to connect directly with their gamer communities. ”We started the company initially to develop a new game called The Masterplan, but after many discussions with other game developers, we realized that discovery is a massive problem for both developers and players. The question is rarely ‘is there a big enough audience’, but ‘how to reach the right audience’”, said Jiri Kupiainen, CEO,

Shark Punch.


Playfield uses proprietary algorithms to find new games that the community can vote on, comment on, and follow, with social- and interest-based personalised recommendations in the pipeline. The service’s open beta is currently available online, with mobile soon to follow.


“The number one problem for game developers today is user acquisition and we know that Playfield will help game developers to get their games discovered by relevant gamers”, Kupiainen continues. “The Shark Punch team has the right formula to disrupt game discovery. We expect that the Playfield platform will revolutionise discovery for both gamers and developers.”, said Paul Heydon, Partner at LVP. Paul will join Shark Punch’s Board of Directors.


“Building great games is not always enough, and effectively bringing titles to market is increasingly difficult for developers. We’re very excited about Shark Punch’s long term vision for Playfield and look forward to helping them achieve it.”, said Nenad Marovac, Managing Partner at DN Capital.

LVP is leading the round investing from their seed fund and their AngelList syndicate. Other investors in the round include DN Capital, Reaktor Polte, as well as private angel investors.


Playfield is now available in Open Beta at http://


About Shark Punch

Shark Punch is focused on disrupting game discovery by making it easy for gamers to discover and connect with games they will love. Founded in 2014 by Jiri Kupiainen, Leo Lännenmäki, Aarne Hunziker and Harri Manninen. The founders previously worked at Disney Interactive. Kupiainen and Manninen previously founded Rocket Pack, an HTML5 gaming startup that was acquired by Disney in 2011. Shark Punch is based in San Francisco, California and Helsinki, Finland.


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