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DN Capital portfolio company Fnbox acquires Cupónica

DN Capital portfolio company Fnbox acquires Cupónica

01 Oct 2011

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LinkedIn, owner of social network and, has announced the acquisition of Cupónica, an Argentinean on line coupons company.

According to Fnbox, the online coupons market in the country implies 1.8 million of Argentinian visitors per month, which represents the 13.9% from the total internet users of the country. With the acquisition Fnbox expects to growth at a 150% this year, with revenues for 20 million dollars.

Rodrigo Teijeiro, Fnbox´s CEO and Founder, claimed “we are very happy for the incorporation of this top team which has demonstrated capacity for execution and vision in a competitive market. Cupónica, taking advantage of Fnbox´s knowledge and team, will be part of an aggressive expansion for the consolidation of a regional strategy”.

Max Guerra, Cupónica´s CEO and Co-Founder, in conjunction with his partners Diego Jolodenco and Albert Aspani, told that “after analyzing the diverse offers of mergers and acquisitions, we chose the working plan presented by Fnbox because it would allow us to take our young company to compete at a regional level as we were looking for”.


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