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ClusterHQ Secures $12 million Series A Funding to Expand Leadership in Providing Data Solutions for the Docker and Container Ecosystem

ClusterHQ Secures $12 million Series A Funding to Expand Leadership in Providing Data Solutions for the Docker and Container Ecosystem

05 Feb 2015

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ClusterHQ, The Container Data People™, today announced a $12 millionSeries A funding round led by Accel Partners London, with participation from Canaan Partners as well as existing investors. DN Capital seeded the fund in 2013 and participated in this follow-on round where ClusterHQ will use the funds to expand technical and go-to-market resources to help organizations use containers in production. The funding represents the largest Series A investment in the container ecosystem to date.

With five years’ experience solving data problems for container-based applications, ClusterHQ is the company behind Flocker, the popular open-source project for containerizing stateful services – for example, the databases, queues and key-value stores that underpin modern microservices architectures. Flocker lets organizations run their data-backed services in containers without losing the operational management features that they’ve enjoyed with virtual machines for the past decade.

Containers have taken enterprise IT by storm in recent months, for example Docker’s container platform went from under three million downloads in June 2014 to over one-hundred million by January 2015.  Fueling the next level of growth means providing tools for managing stateful services such as databases, which are at the heart of most applications. ClusterHQ will address the essential operational requirements of enterprise IT – high availability, disaster recovery, failover, live migration and backup for these services.

ClusterHQ recently added storage industry veteran and serial entrepreneur Mark Davis as CEO to help drive its leadership in the market for managing stateful containers.

Taking advantage of the Silicon Valley and global networks of Accel Partners and Canaan Partners, Davis will expand ClusterHQ’sSan Francisco Bay Area headquarters to complement the company’s UK-based development team.

Steve Schlenker, Managing Partner at DN Capital added: “We are pleased to have played a meaningful role in the development of Luke and Rob’s company from a Bristol-based technology startup to a major emerging player in the Docker ecosystem, and are delighted at our first portfolio company to have secured follow-on funding from our long time friends at Accel, as well as from our new friends at Canaan.”

“ClusterHQ’s heavily oversubscribed Series A is an enthusiastic endorsement of the enormous opportunity to provide solutions for stateful container-based applications,” Davis stated.  “In and around the company, the excitement is high about our work on the data layer for applications based on the Docker platform. With this capital infusion from our powerful syndicate of investor partners, ClusterHQ will expand its role in the container ecosystem.”


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