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Barclays selects Datanomic as the supplier of the next generation customer screening platform

Barclays selects Datanomic as the supplier of the next generation customer screening platform

01 Sep 2009

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Barclays selects Datanomic as the supplier of the next generation customer screening platform

Datanomic’s dn:Director Sanctions & PEP Screening software to replace Barclays different screening solutions across multiple geographies

Barclays has selected Datanomic’s award winning dn:Director Sanctions & PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) Screening software as its preferred solution for its next generation customer screening platform. Datanomic’s dn:Director Sanctions & PEP Screening software will replace different customer screening solutions across multiple geographies, and will provide additional accuracy for systematic screening in both Western and non-Western languages/character sets. As part of Barclays preferred solution, Datanomic’s software is to be integrated with IBM’s Global Name Recognition (GNR) software, a product certified by the US Department of Homeland Security for advanced linguistic analysis.

“We wanted to lead by example and demonstrate Barclays commitment to world class compliance at all levels by implementing what Barclays considers is the industry’s best screening technology and processes,” said Paul Fabara, Global Head of Operations, Regulatory Implementation and Planning for Barclays. “We were extremely impressed by how Datanomic’s software performed in our evaluation of it and in particular by the exceptional effectiveness of its screening solution. The global nature of Barclays business means we need to screen accurately across multiple languages.”

“Barclays conducted a rigorous technical evaluation and we’re delighted to be selected as their preferred screening platform of choice and look forward to our future relationship with them,” said Dr Jonathan Pell, CEO of Datanomic. “Datanomic’s proprietary technology offers the most accurate and effective Sanctions screening solution in the industry today. Its uniquely flexible architecture means that it can be rapidly deployed on any server regardless of size and across any IT infrastructure no matter how complex. It systematically screens customer data in multiple languages – including non-Roman alphabets.”

Datanomic’s Sanctions & PEP Screening software is currently screening in excess of two billion customer records every month and, as such, is recognized as the platform of choice by two of the top ten global Retail Banks, one of the world’s largest Hedge Funds, one of Europe’s leading Merchant Banks, one of the world’s largest Investment Banks, more than half of the UK’s Top 10 Wealth/Asset Managers, one of the oldest stock broking firms on the London Stock Exchange, and some of the UK’s largest Insurance companies.

About Datanomic

Datanomic’s flagship enterprise Data Management and Compliance Screening software, dn:Director helps organizations save money, remain compliant with legislation, streamline business processes, reduce waste and seize more opportunities. The core foundation of all Datanomic’s business solutions, dn:Director’s broad capabilities enable organisations to identify and eradicate problems in customer, financial and product data, improve compliance performance, and better manage business risk. dn:Director allows teams to collaborate on business-critical data issues, across any database, via a central console. Based in Cambridge, UK, Datanomic was founded in 2001.

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