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 About Us

We are a young dynamic team, passionate about technology and building great long-term companies.

We are a global early and growth stage investor with operations in London, Menlo Park and Berlin, focusing on market places, e-commerce, software, mobile apps and digital media.

We ourselves operate like a start-up, and through our own experiences, global network and sector expertise support entrepreneurs to build and grow their own businesses.

 What we look for in a company

The word “Disrupt” is thrown around a lot in our industry. However, what does it mean to truly “disrupt” an industry? We look for entrepreneurs with a global vision – that intelligently apply technological solutions and unique business models to disrupt what many consider boring and archaic industries.

Our aim is to re-educate people, change traditional mind-sets and create long-term value. We love companies that create businesses that become invaluable and build products that we never thought possible, but “could never live without”- think google, Shazam, Facebook,

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